Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi,and Lazaro Brandao To Step Down Bradesco Council Changes

Bradesco, one of Brazil’s largest banking and financing companies has announced the appointment of a new president, a new vice president and the retirement of Lazaro Brandao. Bradesco was established in 1943, and has been part the economic fabric of Brazil for so long, there is understand anticipation and a little concern, explained Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi went on to detail the plans for Bradesco’s administration moving forward.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has confirmed he has reached the end of his presidency and Octavio de Lazari Junior will take over as president. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi began his career in banking in 1969 in his home town of Marilia. From Marilia, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi moved to Sao Paulo and was named the Director of Marketing in 1984. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was the Executive Director and President of the pension division from 1992 to 1998. The next year in 1999 Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi would become Executive Vice President and Chief Executive of Bradesco, and in 2003 Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi would become the president Bradesco making him the 4th President in the history of the company.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi went on the reveal the announcement of Octavio de Lazari Junior assuming the presidency, was surprisingly meet with some opposition. Octavio de Lazari Junior has an impressive accomplished career and background. Octavio de Lazari Junior, currently is the Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Bradesco Seguros (Insurance) Group. It was in 1978 when Octavio de Lazari Junior joined the Bradesco Company as an Agency Manager. Eventually in 1998, Octavio de Lazari Junior became the Director of Credit, and switched focus to small and medium size companies. Octavio de Lazari Junior was promoted in 2010 to Department Director of Loans and Financing, and was appointed in 2012 to the Board of Directors Officers. Octavio de Lazari Junior is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Brazil Association of Real Estate Credit and Savings. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi shared the banks confidence in Octavio de Lazari Junior, and would make the official announcement during AGO (Ordinary General Assembly).

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi also spoke about the retirement of Lazaro Brandao. Lazaro Brandao has been on the council for 27 years and a fixture with Bradesco for 75 years. Lazaro Brandao wisdom in the banking and financing arena is unparalleled, and his absence will be hard to replace. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi also revealed the recent acquisition of HSBC, was the major factor behind Lazaro Brandao’s decision to make 67 the maximum age for the president. The extra two years afforded the bank time to handle things in the best possible way. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi further detailed the appointment of Carlos Alberto Rodrigues Guilherme as the new Vice President of the council, now that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will be removed from the board. Carlos Alberto Rodrigues Guilherme began his career with Bradesco when he was 13. Luiz Carlos Trabuco finished with the importance of the transition taking its due course and following tradition of doing things the way they are intended to be done.


End Citizens United Supports Net Neutrality

The importance of information technology has grown exponentially over the last several decades not only in the United States of America but throughout the entire world. The issue of freedom on the Internet has become more and more prominent in recent years as corporations are attempting to control individuals access to the worldwide network of information. In the battle for net neutrality, people have been in support of both sides. Members who are in favor of net neutrality believe that it is necessary to protect our populations access to information.

Political action committee and a grassroots political organization End Citizens United has taken a public stance in support of net neutrality. The executive director of the political organization of Tiffany Muller believes that it is important for the American people to have unfettered access to the Internet and that corporations should not have control over an individual’s access to information.

The recent decision from the federal communications commission has raised significant controversy as they were in favor of corporate control over our nation’s access to the Internet. This has been said to be a blatant disrespect to the American people as popular sentiment is significantly in favor of net neutrality. End Citizens United has targeted this issue as an area to support in an effort to gain greater interest in our nations young voters.

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The impact of the decision from the federal communications commission will allow telecommunication companies to limit the access to specific websites posted on the Internet. An example would be if a cable company was able to charge you additional money in order to watch streaming video content over your network. Members of the Republican Party in the United States of America believe that net neutrality is an unnecessary regulation that is being imposed on our nation’s corporations. They believe that net neutrality will not significantly affect the population’s ability to access the information that they want. Democratic candidates believe that corporations will use this in order to unfairly charge consumers for access to information that they are currently receiving without publications.

End Citizens United has taken this opportunity to vocally support net neutrality as it is one of the most important public policies in the minds of the millennial generation. Political survey results have shown that our nations youngest generation of voters are more vested in the freedom of the Internet than any other generation. Tiffany Muller, the president of End Citizens United, believes that by supporting net neutrality, she will be able to help increase voter turnout of the millennial generation during this year’s midterm election cycles. This would be important if she hopes to achieve the organization’s aim of eliminating the influence of corporate special interest groups and political action committees from our nations democratic system.

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Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Sets Trends In The Cosmetic Industry

If there was ever a line of cosmetics to revolutionize the industry, it is Doe Deere’s Lime Crime. The cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics are available for sale both online and inside a wide variety of retail stores across the globe because of their bold, vibrant and expressive colors that are distinguished to the brand. Before Lime Crime’s introduction, cosmetic brands limited their eye shadow and lipstick colors to neutral tones. Funding heavily pigmented eye shadows was extremely difficult to do.


That is what Deere quickly discovered while promoting her clothing line. She viewed makeup not as a way to high imperfections, but to enhance our self-expression and individuality, and wanted to incorporate that into the looks she creating and the absence of suitable makeup frustrated Deere. In 2004, Doe Deere created an eBay account using the name Lime Crime as her account handle, and begin making YouTube videos in order to model her clothes. At that time, it was difficult for her to find the shades of eye shadow and lipstick that complemented her clothes so she created her own.


Deere, born in Russia but raised in New York City, is the “Unicorn Queen” of colors in the world of beauty. Before becoming the CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, Deere studied fashion design- her passion at the time. Her cosmetic line came as a result of a lacking in the industry, one in which she fulfilled with her creation. Even though makeup was not her initial passion, Deere remained flexible while pursuing her dreams. Her journey serves as an inspirational example of how following your dreams can lead you towards success, but it requires that you remain open-minded and listen to what your peers are saying.


Her fashion business began making consistent sales within a year of opening, and even though it was a substantial demand for her clothes, there was an infinitely greater demand for her makeup. This inspired her to create Lime Crime cosmetics, and she launched her makeup line in 2008. Using the same method that cultivated interest in the cosmetic line, Deere used makeup tutorial videos on YouTube in order to promote her products. By 2009, her cosmetics gained enough traffic to compete alongside some of the most prominent cosmetic brands in the industry.


Using feedback from clients, Deere has continuously enhanced her the brand with the introduction of new and exciting products and features. With the introduction of liquid-to-matte lipstick that is fade, smudge, crumble and transfer resistant- a product that is a brand-new innovation to the industry- Lime Crime is revolutionizing cosmetics. And with both PETA and Leaping bunny certifying the entire Lime Crime line as Vegan and Cruelty-Free, it is no wonder why Deere has emerged as an inspiration for female entrepreneurs, and Lime Crime has developed into nationally recognized brand.


Deere inspires aspiring female entrepreneurs as a mentor in order to help them discover their passions and convert them into a profitable business. She also gives public speeches on the topic of finding your own voice and allowing your ambition to guide you. And by making herself easily accessible for advice or Instagram, Deere is not only making strides in the cosmetic industry, but she is laying out a blueprint for successful entrepreneurship that other women can use as a model for their success.


Roberto Santiago: The Owner Of The Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago has time and again proven that he is an entrepreneur who can take an idea and turn it into something worth noting. This was evidenced immensely through the numerous projects that he has taken on during his career. One of the first entrepreneurial ventures that Roberto Santiago took on was when he started up a company that offered home decor items. He had founded this company along with his friend and business partner, and quickly transitioned it into something that was incredibly successful. This initial venture also paved the way for future developments, and aided Roberto Santiago in the numerous ventures that he had taken on.

One of the most well known ventures that Roberto Santiago has been a part of was when he opened the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. When Roberto Santiago was first working professionally, he realized that he would have to take steps to secure his future and so that he could partake in more profitable ventures. Eventually, he decided that he would buy a piece of land in his hometown with the hope of someday converting it into something worth noting.

Ten years after buying the piece of land, Roberto Santiago finally decided what he wanted to do with it, which was to create a mall. He wanted the mall to be one of the biggest of its kind, and something that everyone living in the area would be able to enjoy. He had a big vision for this project, and stopped at nothing to execute it. When the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall was finally opened to the general public, it soon become the hub for fun and entertainment. People from all over the country began coming to this place to engage in the numerous activities that it had to offer. Within a short period of the mall opening, Roberto Santiago’s popularity increased, and he suddenly become a well known name that even people outside the business industry knew of.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is one of the prime places for people to enjoy themselves and have a good time in the state of Manaira. The mall is equipped with state of the art facilities to offer its patrons a good and unique experience. One of the more prominent things about the mall is the incredibly brilliant theater that is operational here. With eleven screens and high tech sound and picture quality, the theater aims to offer some of the best viewing experiences to people visiting the mall and its theater.

The mall also has a special music area that has hosted shows of some of the most loved local and international artists. The arena has new programs every week to keep people entertained and give them a good time.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is not one to shy away from a conflict. As a longtime actor in the political sphere, she is familiar with having to fight her corner. As an advocate for charter schools, she took on the unionized public education sector in Michigan and won. Even her political opponents came to respect her commitment, practicality and generosity.


These days, as Secretary of Education for a controversial administration, DeVos is working harder than ever to achieve results without compromising on her core values. Betsy DeVos and her husband, Dick, take education very seriously. Though they both come from wealthy families, they know that a good education is the pathway to success. In fact, Dick DeVos became an advocate for students and families when he realized how badly the public school system that he attended had deteriorated.


The DeVos family was also moved when they saw the sacrifices working-class parents were making to send their children to private, and often faith-based schools. They couldn’t understand why their thousands of tax dollars were being poured into unsafe, substandard public schools. Why couldn’t some of that money go to support safe and effective schools? They donated both time and money to schools like The Potter’s House, in a suburb near Grand Rapids. In this safe and well-run environment, they saw children, even poor children from immigrant families, flourish.


Betsy DeVos wants to take that success nationwide. She’s meeting opposition from every quarter, even some where she anticipated no conflict. For example, some LGBT organizations have worried that she will stigmatize the children of same-sex parents. DeVos had not expected this; she wants the best for every child, whatever their family is like. She has made efforts to meet with everyone from union leaders to teachers and students in order to better get her message across.


Today’s students are tomorrow’s teachers, engineers and medical professionals. With poor public education, America has become a laughingstock around the world. DeVos knows that there are countries with much better results that provide public funds to religious schools. These include the Netherlands and many Commonwealth countries. Since America’s children are at risk, she is willing to put in the groundwork and show citizens and worried public-school teachers hard evidence to back up her plans.


DeVos knows that she is her own best asset. When people meet her, they’re disarmed by how down-to-earth and generous she is. Though her opponents have portrayed her as a monster, she’s nothing more than a savvy businesswoman and caring mom. That said, DeVos will not be derailed. She’s used to fighting for what she knows is right, and has never been known to back down.


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The Wonderful Services Offered By Talk Fusion University

On 23rd June 2017 at 11 a.m, Talk Fusion, a network promoting firm founded an online training program dubbed as Talk Fusion University in the presence of a substantial international audience. Through Talk Fusion University, many associates of Talk Fusion can now get professional training from the CEO and the founder of the company, Bob Reina. Having (Bob Reina) an experience of more than twenty-five years in the network marketing sector, the students get assured that they will receive quality expertise training. Reina joined the network marking industry in 1990 without any sales skills and experience, but because of determination and ambition, he purposefully established a four-step system that has contributed significantly to his success.


In that system, Reina explains a requisite to be successful in the business is not solely depending on your efforts but also the efforts of other people. He continued to tell that one would work with people from different personalities, backgrounds and educational levels hence the need to work with what they would also comfortably work.


Due to his famous contribution to the MarTech Advisor and HuffPost, Reina has massive global fans that respect his work ethic and his marketing expertise. Apart from contributing to HuffPost and MarTech, Reina frequently gives encouragement messages on Facebook Live and corporate broadcasts.


Through the establishment of the online University platform, Mr. Bob Reina’straining has received a significant uplift to another level. For instances, it hosts more than thirty videos where Bob explains in details the procedures necessary to expose business opportunities to others.  Learn more:


Although the industry is full of self-declared networking gurus, that can charge up to thousands of dollars for sales training, Talk Fusion University is set unique from the rest by its excellent performance and the moderate prices it offers. For instance, Talk Fusion Associates can access the University exclusively free.


Talk Fusion is a network marketing company that is committed to ensuring that businesses excel exemplary in the competition arena, to increase both their profits and sales and maintains their customer. The company also dedicates itself to giving charities to families and communities across the globe.

Richard Blair Helps His Clients Get Organized in Their Approach to Financial Independence

It is very common for people to desire financial independence. As a matter of fact, one would be hard pressed to find someone who does not want to be financially independent. This fact would beg the question as to why so many people still find themselves in debt and at the mercy of life. Many people are constantly on the verge of losing everything. One of the reasons behind this is that there are plenty of areas where people are not in financially solid. Fortunately, Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is available to help people as they pursue their financial independence.


One of the ways that Richard Blair is going to help people is by using a three pillared approach. This involves helping people set up a financial road map. This part is important because it helps people determine what they are going to do to move ahead. Another thing that they are going to need help with is setting up a strategy. One of the things that is needed in the financial market is a solid strategy. With this strategy, people are going to have an easier time achieving their financial goals. This can also alleviate some of the stress that can come with trying frantically to achieve financial independence.


One example of a strategy is starting a business. For people that can afford to or know how to use their resources, starting a business can be a very lucrative deal. For one thing, when people start a business, they are setting up an alternate form of income that can help them. This is only one example. Another example is investing. People put forth their money on an asset with the hopes of getting great returns.


The third pillar in Richard Blair’s approach is dealing with the insurance needs. When people get the right forms of insurance, they will be taken care of. It is almost a certainty that there are going to be plenty of setbacks along the way. Insurance is one way to insure that the client is covered in the case of some tragic event that could really devastate them financially.


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Florida Correctional Officer and Securus Technologies Fight Illegal Cellphones in Correctional Facilities

Headquartered in Texas, Securus Technologies is the industry leader when it comes to effective technology to assist in the enhancement of the security of correctional institutions. One of the latest technology solutions developed by Securus Technologies is the Wireless Containment Systems. WCS from Securus Technologies is designed to restrict the entry of illegal cellphones into correctional facilities. Securus Technologies WCS also assists correctional officers in finding and eliminating wireless devices that have made it inside of penal institutions.


At the present time, Securus Technologies provides products and services to over 3,400 law enforcement and correctional agencies located across North America. These services play a role in the lives and incarceration of over 1.2 million inmates in Canada and the United States.


When it comes to illegal inmate communications, including the use of cellphones, Securus Technologies provides some startling data. At eight penal institutions, Securus Technologies tracked the number of illegal inmate communications its solutions prevented during the period of a year. During that time period, Securus Technologies prevented an amazing 1.7 million illegal communications. What makes this data even more extraordinary is the fact that these interceptions occurred at eight institutions, out of the thousands in operation across the North American continent.


Securus Technologies is not alone when it comes to preventing the use of cellphones in penal institutions. A former corrections officer named Robert Johnson is leading the drive to eliminate illegal cellphones from correctional facilities.


The story of Robert Johnson is shocking. He was a Florida correctional officer. When working a shift, he came upon a box filled with contraband that was intended for the inmate population. The efforts of Johnson kept the contraband out of the facility.


When this occurred, the inmate who orchestrated the scheme determined that he would revenge the interference with his desire to get the contraband into the facility. Towards this end, he made a decision to have Johnson murdered.


The inmate had a handy resource that allowed him the ability to arrange a hit on Johnson. The offender had his own illegal cellphone in the institution.


With the cellphone, the inmate called a criminal associate of his in the “real world.” Using the phone, he arranged for the associate to murder Johnson.


The associate broke into Johnson’s home early in the morning and gunned down the correctional officer. Johnson was shot multiple times and was expected to die from his wounds. He lived.


Upon his recovery, Johnson took it upon himself to advocate strongly for the elimination of illegal cellphones in correctional facilities. He tell his incredible story. Moreover, he makes it clear that his case is not an isolated instance of an inmate controlling criminal activity in the outside world from a prison cell.


Shiraz Boghani Continues To Serve His Community With Dedication

Shiraz Boghani has won the Hotelier of the Year Award at the Asian Business Awards. He is the chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group. The hotel industry is pretty competitive, yet Shiraz Boghani has done his best to constantly strive for excellence.

Shiraz Boghani wants to make sure that his customers always get the best experience when they use his hotels. Shiraz Boghani said that he was excited to get the award being Hotelier of the Year Award. On the other hand, he said, he has to thank the other people who help run Splendid Hospitality Group for their efforts in making the company shine.

Shiraz Boghani has been involved in many businesses. He is currently the founder of Sussex Health Care Limited. This is a company that provides various healthcare services in special homes. They now have eighteen homes.

Altogether, they can house around five hundred people in those homes. Another company that he helped found was Sojourn Hotels LLP. He is a chartered accountant.

He is recognized as a major entrepreneur. He is also the owner of nineteen trading hotels in the United Kingdom. He was one of the first hoteliers who offered limited service brands back in the late twentieth century.

Splendid Hospitality Group has the best people on their team. They make sure that they have individuals who have a wide range of talents across a wide range of industries. This helps them achieve the excellence they are known for.

Shiraz Boghani stands out on the Splendid Hospitality Team. He has always helped guide Splendid Hospitality Group with his clear vision. He has a dynamic personality and knows how to get things done. He is also known as an activist and a philanthropist. He places an emphasis on giving back to the community. That is why he is a member of the board of several organizations that serve his community.

Shiraz Boghani is the Vice Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group and is a graduate of London School of Economics. Like Shiraz, he is also a Chartered Accountant. He helped launched the Splendid Restaurants branch of the business, which has eighteen Kentucky Fried Chicken branches in the United Kingdom, besides other brands. He is also an active member of the community and spends much of his free time helping them out, just like Shiraz Boghani. He has served for seven years on the community’s Grants and Review Board.

Richard Blair Helping Austin Residents Achieve Their Financial Goals

Families and small businesses based in Austin, Texas have a reason to smile, thanks to Richard Blair and his firm, Wealth Solutions. The business provides advice on investment to its customers. The company is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm with main offices in this town.



How Wealth Solutions is Helping People



Blair assists his clients by providing personalized investment services. Clients get services such as retirement plans, investment, and wealth protection plans. He helps his clients understand their areas of growth and manage wealth. Through his work, he helps his clients achieve their financial goals.



The Three Pillar Approach



To come up with a financial plan that meets the needs of each of his clients, Mr. Blair uses the following three pillars.



Pillar 1



Under this pillar, Blair is determined to establish a financial map for each client. To achieve this, he seeks to understand the status of his customers. He identifies financial strengths of each customer and the areas they need to put more effort.



Pillar 2



After understanding the customers and their investment goals, Blair works towards developing a long-term strategy to achieve their goals. At this stage, he prioritizes the investment goals and financial needs of each client. Each client’s assets are rearranged and invested in areas with maximum returns. Investment in areas with low or negative growths are discouraged.



Pillar 3



At this stage, the client’s financial and investment goals have been achieved. Blair is now concerned about meeting the insurance needs of each customer. Each client receives insurance in areas like investment, life, and long-term care.



Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions



Richard Blair is the man behind the starting of Wealth Solutions. He grew up seeing his grandmother, mum, and wife teach other people and this gave him desire to increase his knowledge. Coupled with his financial abilities, Blair was inspired help other people, and this led to starting this company in 1994.



Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is a firm believer that each person has and needs a solid strategy to achieve his financial goals. He is a former student of the University of Houston where he graduated with a degree in financial management. Armed with this knowledge, Blair has come up with strategies to help people invest their money in areas with high returns to become financially stable.



In his lifetime, Blair has helped many people achieve their financial goals. Those who have relied on his advice have nothing to regret about. While serving his clients, he specializes in areas like investments, retirement, and insurance among others.


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