Richard Blair Helping Austin Residents Achieve Their Financial Goals

Families and small businesses based in Austin, Texas have a reason to smile, thanks to Richard Blair and his firm, Wealth Solutions. The business provides advice on investment to its customers. The company is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm with main offices in this town.



How Wealth Solutions is Helping People



Blair assists his clients by providing personalized investment services. Clients get services such as retirement plans, investment, and wealth protection plans. He helps his clients understand their areas of growth and manage wealth. Through his work, he helps his clients achieve their financial goals.



The Three Pillar Approach



To come up with a financial plan that meets the needs of each of his clients, Mr. Blair uses the following three pillars.



Pillar 1



Under this pillar, Blair is determined to establish a financial map for each client. To achieve this, he seeks to understand the status of his customers. He identifies financial strengths of each customer and the areas they need to put more effort.



Pillar 2



After understanding the customers and their investment goals, Blair works towards developing a long-term strategy to achieve their goals. At this stage, he prioritizes the investment goals and financial needs of each client. Each client’s assets are rearranged and invested in areas with maximum returns. Investment in areas with low or negative growths are discouraged.



Pillar 3



At this stage, the client’s financial and investment goals have been achieved. Blair is now concerned about meeting the insurance needs of each customer. Each client receives insurance in areas like investment, life, and long-term care.



Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions



Richard Blair is the man behind the starting of Wealth Solutions. He grew up seeing his grandmother, mum, and wife teach other people and this gave him desire to increase his knowledge. Coupled with his financial abilities, Blair was inspired help other people, and this led to starting this company in 1994.



Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is a firm believer that each person has and needs a solid strategy to achieve his financial goals. He is a former student of the University of Houston where he graduated with a degree in financial management. Armed with this knowledge, Blair has come up with strategies to help people invest their money in areas with high returns to become financially stable.



In his lifetime, Blair has helped many people achieve their financial goals. Those who have relied on his advice have nothing to regret about. While serving his clients, he specializes in areas like investments, retirement, and insurance among others.


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