Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: A Giver at Heart

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a compassionate plastic surgeon known for his caring demeanor toward his patients. Currently, he is one of 10 plastic surgeons at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Dr. Jejurikar is board certified and specializes in facelifts, tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, and liposuction. He received his education from the University of Michigan Medical School. He is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons. He is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. In 2012, he received the Compassionate Doctor Certification which proves not only that he has incredible bedside etiquette, but that he loves his career. Dr. Jejurikar is very grateful for his successful career as it has given him the opportunity to give back to the less fortunate. He has participated in a number of medical missions around the world in order to give back. Being blessed with the opportunity to change a patient’s body so that they can have a better outlook on life is a feeling like no other. Dr. Jejurikar also has a self-titled blog where he gives away free information to the public. It doesn’t matter if you are a current patient, or thinking of becoming a patient, Dr. Jejurikar puts your mind at ease by giving you honest information on all of the things surrounding plastic surgery. One article titled, “Optimizing Scars after Cosmetic Surgery,” is an educational article that informs the public that scars are a natural part of plastic surgery. However, he gives tips on how to manage and minimize them. One interesting tip is to be mindful of the products used on scars. Most people use Hydrogen peroxide to treat and kill bacteria on and around the scar. While it does kill bacteria, it breaks down the proteins needed to heal the scar.


A Quick Look at Madison Street Capital, a Global Business Advisory Company

During the majority recapitalization of Professional Pipeline, Inc. (PPI) by KJM Capital, LLC, Madison Street Capital was appointed the exclusive adviser. PPI is a process piping designer and installer for manufacturing firms such as poultry processors. PPI will use the advice and counsel of Madison Street Capital in the company’s efforts to continue providing piping services to refrigeration and food processing industries. With the aim of becoming the leading firm in process piping services, PPI will continue with its 40 years consistency trend.


Madison Street Capital will follow their mission in the contract by matching entrepreneurs with the right strategic partner. They will rely on the experience and extensive industry insights that KJM Capital has, to make sure PPI develop into the next stage of its growth. The transaction as announced by Madison Street Capital Chief Executive Officer, Charles Botchway, will involve taking some time in handling all the challenges to ensure PPI gets more successful.


PPI was started in North Carolina in 1972 as a textile industry piping contractor before shifting its view on food processing industries in 2006. The firm provides equipment and services for piping installation mostly to poultry processors. It engages in projects such as general facility maintenance, revamps, replacements, and fresh assemblies. KJM Capital will provide operational expertise such as accounting, finance, and software applications services to spur more growth at PPI that will enhance better customer care services.


Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a worldwide investment banking company with a reputation for high integrity, merit, governance, and service. They provide services such as corporate financial advisory, economic opinions, capital raising, assessment of public and private firms, transfer of ownership, and merger and acquisition.


They are based in Chicago, Illinois and have been operational for more than 20 years. During this course, they have developed seasoned professionals who understand and can handle different situations using careful analysis and well-thought recommendations. They have branches in North America, Africa, and Asia.


They aim to excel in their service delivery in order to propel their customers to attaining global success and objectives, internalizing them as theirs before going on with a project. Madison Street Capital perspective is in emerging markets which is the key component that will see it develop and increase its clients internationally. Using unmatched and dedicated efforts towards a professional code of conduct, Madison Street Capital has earned the trust of its clients globally.


This has been reflected when they won the 2017 Merger & Acquisition Award in New York, in the Debt Financing Deal of the Year. This honor is bestowed on companies that demonstrate best and excellence transactions and practices in M&A. By beating off other 500 competitors, Madison Street Capital showed great professionalism and excellence in the field.


Visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/about-madison-street-capital.html to learn more.

Diversity And The Madison Portfolio

Looking For Strength In The USD During Debt Reduction


Madison Street Capital is forced into a challenging situation from USD speculation.


Financial professionals look at the dollar to better understand how the nation’s debt will be managed. A weaker USD puts a strain on the U.S. debt crisis and on the tools available to resolve this ongoing challenge. The solution is being unearthed by professionals like Madison Street Capital as they avoid relying on the dollar’s strength.


We’ve seen steady prices across the board, and no indicator shows a positive move for the USD in coming weeks. Big rumors of presidential scandals and a “tell-all” book release creates a lack of market stability.


The Madison Street Capital agency has instead answered the concerns of investors who seek management out of their recent debt crisis and without relying on the strength or weakness of any world currency.



The Need For Agency Intervention


The Madison Street Capital reputation is growing on its ability to eliminate financial liability.


The agency looks beyond the price points of current markets and finds an entry point to financial excellence with a deeper strategy. The agency is recognized for its performance in 2017 in reducing debt. The MSC investment bank is redefining finance for 2018 as the financial tides change and require adaptability.


What this agency employs is a financial service unmatched by the entire industry of money. Advisory services enable financial institutions to speak directly to clients and transfers tremendous value from people to people. Agencies offering data are looked to for a wealth of knowledge in times of need.



The Challenges Of Relying On Government Accounting


Madison Street Capital gives the international finance industry a way out of government accounting. Many Americans believe that the onset of the U.S. debt crisis comes from the work of government leaders who’ve mishandled money and brought businesses, people and offices into financial difficulty.


The MSC international bank offers investors greater diversity.


The agency has a solution. There are millions of financial instruments that can be used to manage the portfolio of MSC clients, and these tools have shown to be effective. Madison Street Capital became 2017’s world-renown agency to clear debt from portfolios and renew the financial lives of many entities.


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